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Plan Finalised

I can still make it to japan!

Well after thinking about it ive worked out how to get to japan without getting through china!


Hong Kong
Malaysia (1 Week)
Western Australia (6 Weeks)
Japan (6 Weeks)
East Australia (Brisbane to Sydney - 4 weeks)
New Zealand ( 4 Weeks)
Rest of Australia (Cairns to Brisbane - 10 Weeks)
Thailand (4 Weeks)
Europe (4 Weeks)

About 9 months in all starting beginning of september!

Posted by miket.rtw 13:06


Change of plans

I sent off my chinese visa but didnt hear anything for a good foew weeks anyway eventually heard back it wasnt process becuase i filled the form in wrong i pout the wrong dates on :-(

Still cost me the fee so im not sure what to do now i may change my plans...

Im most likely going to still fly to hong kong but go to Malayslia then australia then onto new zealand, back to australi until april 2010 then onto malayslai, thailand for april, may and june

Posted by miket.rtw 12:12


Changing my mind so many times

Still working out where to go, keep changing my mind!

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